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Three Wheel EV Design Boasts 75 mph Top Speed



An Ohio company has developed an innovative electric vehicle for personal transportation. The single-passenger, three-wheeled NmG is capable of a top speed of 75 mph and a range of 30 miles between charges. The unique vehicle design provides a low center of gravity with power being delivered via the single rear wheel. There is no doubt that this is one of the more unique  designs with a very characteristic look. ( for some reason I am reminded of the movie with Jim Carey “the Mask”).

The top speed is noticeably higher than many other EV designs which are limited to 25 to 40 mph. The 3 wheel design allows the NmG to be considered as a motorcycle as far as crash test requirements are concerned  and is therefore not as restricted on top speed.

Meyers Motors

Meyers Motors

The company calculates that a driver charged 11 cents per kilowatt will pay about 55 cents for the “fill up” that powers the NmG for about 30 miles. The pollution-free NmG fully recharges in 6 to 8 hours using a 110-volt outlet and less than half that time using a 220-volt outlet. With a 220-volt service, charging to 95% full can be accomplished in about 45 minutes. For those who don’t need the fast charging option, the NmG will plug into any 110 volt, 20 amp service outlet. If the lithium ion batteries are discharged 80 percent, the energizing will be completed in 6 to 8 hours.

Here are five of the frequently asked questions and the answers provided by Meyers Motors:

How safe is the NmG?

Having been called the SUV of motorcycles, the three wheeled NmG has obvious stability advantages over a two wheel motorcycle. The occupant of the NmG is enclosed in a layered, composite structure and further protected by using the 3-point shoulder safety harness. It has a steering wheel and foot pedals like a car to be easier to use, although it is not a car and it does not meet car crash standards. The NmG meets or exceeds U.S. DOT safety standards required for motorcycles and three wheelers.

Do I need a special driver’s license?

In many States, no. While most States require motorcycle plates for the NmG, most States do not require a motorcycle license to operate the vehicle … a regular driver’s license is usually enough. We have heard of a few local BMVs requiring a motorcycle license, but they allowed the test to be taken in the NmG rather than on a two-wheeled motorcycle. Check with your local BMV to be sure.

Where do I put my stuff?

 The spacious trunk can carry 6 cubic feet – room enough for a full cart of groceries. That’s plenty of room for a briefcase, laptop, lunch and gym bag. If making deliveries, that’s enough room for a post office bin. Or for shopping, there’s enough room for the two new pairs of shoes, new handbag, three sweaters, two skirts, and five pair of jeans you just bought. Actually, there’s plenty of room for about 18 large pizzas, 2 bags of chips, and four 2-liter bottles of pop to take to the party; or how about a couple of extra soccer balls for the big game, with room to spare; or – – wait how much stuff do you have?

Can you drive the NmG in the snow?

 The NmG has front wheel rack and pinion steering like a car and rear wheel drive like a motorcycle. What does that mean for snow and winter driving? Our president drove a lithium NmG all winter and the only day he didn’t drive it was when there was a police warning closing the roads to all traffic. Like any rear wheel car without traction control, it does require some vigilance when driving in heavy snow conditions and when he tried to accelerate in 4” of snow on the road, it took him about 2X as long to get up to speed as it would have had he been driving his car. How many times are the roads that bad? In our area of the country, Ohio, they are good about clearing the roads and if your area is similar, there shouldn’t be a problem if you are already a good snow driver.

How does cold weather effect battery performance?

 Batteries are chemical devices. Chemical reactions slow down in cold and speed up in heat. The lithium battery pack, when parked overnight in a 43 degree F garage and driving in 16 degree weather got a 40+ mile range … down from 60+ in summer type weather. Heating pads for the batteries for outdoor parking and/or a heated garage eliminates the problem if you need greater than 40 mile range.

The all electric NmGcomes in large variety of exterior colors. Standard amenities include audio system (AM/FM CD with MP3 player) , adjustable bucket seat, accessory outlets, 6-cubic-foot trunk, power windows, heater, disc brakes, 13 inch alumimum wheels and room for 6 cubic feet of storage.

The pricetag for the vehicle is just under $30,000 MSRP.

The NmG by Meyers Motors

The NmG by Meyers Motors

The vehicles are built at Myers Motor’s production facility in Tallmadge in northeast Ohio near the city of Akron.

For more information, contact Myers Motors at    330-630-3768    or visit

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3 comments to Three Wheel EV Design Boasts 75 mph Top Speed

  • jonsmith

    I have to drive 10 miles before I can think of moving at 75 mph!

    Pollution free? And the shooter of a gun isn’t the killer, it’s the other guy who stood in the way; don’t confuse source and event – it still needs power from somewhere. Single seater transport means that everyone in the household will need one, putting more traffic on the streets. Classed as a motorbike for crash testing(!”£$%%^!!) – what happens when it hits a pedestrian? Or a brick wall? Or a truck? A battery in a collision can be nasty,

    The good thing about oil is that you take it out of the ground and use it. For electricity, we have to build power stations and predict demand etc. With the increasing number of brown out and an acknowledged shortage of power stations looming for many countries, I think we need to concentrate on ways of reducing power consumption, not just shifting to another source.


  • Paul Knutson

    What is the cost of this? also why only 30 miles. I guess if you are in a big city that is okay but in the sticks I have a 25 mile one way comute.

  • Pego

    The use of plug in electricity is always preferable, since the plant can convert the source better and with better filters , than a car can. You can also use wind energy or solar at your home. Also, with so few shear poundadge, this vehicle costs the planet “less” in carbon miles to assemble than heavier vehicles.

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