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Cyclone Power technologies

Waste Products from Distructive Distillation Become Fuel for External Combustion Engine Technology

 Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. has signed a letter of intent with Unified Fuels LLC of Foley, Alabama regarding the co-development and systems integration of Cyclone’s heat-regenerative external combustion engines.

 Under the LOI, Cyclone and Unified will perform certain business and technological feasibility studies related to using Cyclone’s Mark V and Waste Heat Engines with Unified’s waste-to-fuel [...]

Cyclone Power technologies

Florida Company hopes to Set Landspeed Record with its Mark V Heat Regenerative External Combustion Engine

Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. has completed and shipped a full scale model of the engine it is building for the U.S. Land Steam Record Team. The high performance Cyclone LSR Engine will power the streamliner vehicle which will attempt to break the world land speed record for steam vehicles in Bonneville, UT, as early as [...]

Cyclone Power technologies

U.S. Land Steam Record Team Selects External Combustion Engine Developer Cyclone Power

Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. has been selected by the U.S. Land Steam Record Team to provide the high performance racing engine for its streamliner vehicle, which will attempt to break the world land speed record for steam vehicles in Bonneville, UT, as early as next August.

The U.S. Land Steam Record (USLSR) vehicle will be designed, [...]


Korea Approves Patent on Cyclone Power Technologies' Green Engine

POMPANO BEACH, FL, Sept. 29, 2009. Cyclone Power Technologies (Pink Sheets: CYPW) announced today that the Korean Intellectual Property Office has issued a notice of decision to grant the company a patent on its award-winning, heat regenerative external combustion engine.

Cyclone’s invention is a high-efficiency modern steam engine, capable of running on virtually any liquid or [...]


Cyclone Power Technologies receives the "Algaepreneur 2009 Award"

Pompano Beach, FL, Sept. 22, 2009. ” at the National Algae Association Conference, held last week in Houston, TX.

 The Algaeprenuer Award honors companies and individuals who make important contributions to the development and commercialization of algae-based fuels. It is usually bestowed on algae fuel producers and marketers; however, Cyclone is the first honoree of the [...]


Cyclone Power Technologies to Present All-Fuel Engine at National Algae Conference

Pompano Beach, FL, Sept. 1, 2009. Cyclone Power Technologies will present its award winning, all-fuel external combustion engine technology at the National Algae Association Conference, to be held September 17-18 in Houston, TX.

The Cyclone Engine is a modern steam engine capable of running on virtually any fuel, including today’s most promising biofuels made from algae. In [...]

Cyclone Power technologies

Electricity from Burning Waste Oil. This can’t be Green!

Cyclone Tech

Pompano Beach, FL, August 4, 2009. Cyclone Power Technologies  announced today that it has signed a License Agreement with Phoenix Power Group LLC to provide engines for waste oil fueled power generators. The external combustion engine technology will burn a large variety of fuels not only fossil based. There is a CO2 savings [...]

Cyclone Power technologies

Biomass Engine Burns a Variety of Fuels and May Some Day Power Your Car


Here is a truly unique technology that is being developed by a Florida company Cyclone Power Technologies. The US military is reportedly interested in it as well.  The Cyclone Engine is a Rankine Cycle heat regenerative external combustion engine, otherwise known as a “Schoell Cycle” engine. It creates mechanical energy by heating and cooling [...]

NH2 Fuel Cell Tractor from New Holland

Price of Addiction
to Foreign Oil

1st Manned Hydrogen Fuel Cell Airplane




Lexus LF-Ch Hybrid Concept


EDAG “Light Car” Open Source Updates


Mercedes Concept Blue Electric Car

BlueZero extended

Mercedes Announces A Plugin


Honda’s New PCX Scooter

Honda PCX Scooter Tiawan

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