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Dept of Energy

Department of Energy's Brookhaven Lab Develops Catalysts to Reduce Platinum Use in Fuel Cells

Chemists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have received three patents for developing catalysts to accelerate chemical reactions in fuel cells. The newly patented catalysts, as well as a method for making a particular type of catalyst with a thin layer of platinum, could greatly reduce the cost and increase the use [...]

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Battery developments

UNEP Reports Finds Recycling of

Moving the global economy towards environmentally-friendly, clean technologies will increasingly hinge on rapid improvements in the recycling rates of so called “high-tech” specialty metals like lithium, neodymium and gallium.

Such metals, needed to make key components for wind turbines and photovoltaics to the battery packs of hybrid cars, fuel cells and energy efficient lighting systems, exist [...]

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Alternative Liquid Fuels

$44 Billion in Economic Stimulus and Other Support Spur Global Development of Alternative Vehicles

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) Global Manufacturing Industry group conducted an analysis summarizing the government economic stimulus efforts and incentives around the world for alternative vehicle development. The data and information was collected and compiled using various external media sources based on information available from around November 2008 to end of February 2010. Twenty five key [...]

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UTC Power Fuel Cell Part of New Hybrid Electric Vehicle on Display in Munich

BMW Forschung und Technik (Research and Technology) last week displayed a new hybrid electric vehicle that uses a UTC Power fuel cell system. The vehicle was unveiled at the 25th anniversary BMW ZT celebration in Munich, Germany.

UTC Power, a United Technologies Corp. company, has been working with BMW since 1999 to develop highly efficient, emission-free [...]

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Hydrogen Fueling Station in Hamburg Germany to Utilize HyStat Electrolyzers

Hydrogenics Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and fuel cell products, has announced that the company has been awarded a contract for two HySTAT-60 electrolyzers by The Linde Group for installation as part of a fueling station in HafenCity, Hamburg. The fueling station will be integrated and managed by Vattenfall, the Swedish power [...]

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Electric Fuel cell

Smith Electric Vehicles has played a key role in producing Europe's first zero emission truck-mounted boom lift.

Vehicle-mounted booms are designed to safely lift workers, in order to carry out maintenance and service work on buildings and utilities. Typical applications include street light repairs. Previously, manufacturers had to mount their personnel lifts on diesel truck chassis. The truck’s diesel engine powers the lift, creating additional harmful emissions in city centres.

Now, Custers Hydraulica [...]

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Electric Fuel cell

Linde Material Handling incorporates fuel cell trucks into its product range

With the delivery of two fuel-cell trucks to the Linde Gases Division, part of technology company The Linde Group, Linde Material Handling has taken another important step on the road to more intensive use of innovative drive technology. As the first industrial truck manufacturer in Europe, Linde MH has incorporated fuel cell trucks into its [...]

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Largest U.S. Electric Vehicle Infrastucture Project Receives Funding Approval

ECOtality, Inc., a leader in clean electric transportation and storage technologies, will provide a preview of its first generation of internet-based software for advanced electric vehicle charging. The software, developed by eTec (Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ECOtality, will be on display this week at the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) conference [...]

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Daimler Leading the Way with Battery Electric and Fuel Cell Cars for Zero Emissions

As the first European car manufacturers smart and Mercedes-Benz are entering the age of electric mobility with vehicles that are fully suitable for everyday use.

The new smart fortwo electric drive has taken on a pioneering role among battery-powered electric vehicles. With a range of up to 135 kilometres the two-seater car is the ideal solution [...]

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Electric Fuel cell

Electrolyzer Manufacturer Chosen for California's Hydrogen Highway for Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hydrogenics Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and fuel cell products, today announced that the Company has been awarded a contract for one of its HySTAT-30 electrolyzers to be used at a fueling station in Los Angeles, California. The fueling station will serve vehicles as part of California’s “Hydrogen Highway” initiative; Hydrogenics [...]

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NH2 Fuel Cell Tractor from New Holland

Price of Addiction
to Foreign Oil

1st Manned Hydrogen Fuel Cell Airplane




Lexus LF-Ch Hybrid Concept


EDAG “Light Car” Open Source Updates


Mercedes Concept Blue Electric Car

BlueZero extended

Mercedes Announces A Plugin


Honda’s New PCX Scooter

Honda PCX Scooter Tiawan

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