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THINK City production starts at new state-of-the-art Electric Car Facility in Finland

THINK has re-started production of the THINK City model, one of the world’s first urban EVs, at a state-of-the-art new facility with manufacturing partner Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

Valmet Automotive is a leading provider of engineering and manufacturing services to the automotive industry and recently became a THINK shareholder and strategic industrial partner. Today marks the start of production at Valmet Automotive’s high-tech manufacturing base, which also produces Garia and Fisker alternative-fuel vehicles as well as Porsche AG’s Boxster and Cayman.


The start of production at Valmet Automotive also marks a new start for THINK, which has made significant progress since announcing its re-capitalisation earlier this year with major new investors coming on board. In recent months THINK has made a series of senior executive appointments from the automotive and clean-tech industries, won major new contracts in the drivetrain supply business, started the roll-out of sales into key European markets and now, re-started production in Europe.

 Richard Canny, THINK CEO, says:

“This is a very significant day for THINK. We are back in production and I am so pleased that some of our very loyal customers can look forward to delivery of their long-awaited THINK City before Christmas. The order bank stands at around 2,300 vehicles, and our first priority is to deliver to these customers now that our vehicles are rolling off the production line again. Our next priority is to build on this order bank with continued expansion in Europe and around the world.”

 He added: “

Our strategic alliance with Valmet Automotive is much more than just about assembly – we are already reaping the benefits of Valmet’s expertise in manufacturing and engineering – with time being taken out of the production process, more manufacturing done on site and an overall more efficient industrial solution, from product development support right through to final assembly.”

Ilpo Korhonen, President of Valmet Automotive, said: “Valmet already has expertise in the EV industry, but with the start of industrial production of the THINK City at our cutting-edge facilities in Finland, we aim to become a leader in the industry. The start of production is a very important step for both THINK and Valmet, and we aim to grow our strategic alliance alongside the growth of the THINK brand around Europe as more deliveries of the eagerly awaited THINK City are made in the coming weeks.”





THINK City has been designed to cope with a variety of battery systems and technologies

Battery systems

The traction battery module is located underneath the seats. Here, the module is well protected and ideally placed from a safety point of view. This gives a good distribution of weights between the front and rear axel, and provides the vehicle with a very low centre of gravity.

The battery compartment can accommodate different types of battery systems. Currently, THINK City features two battery options, lithium-based (Li) battery and sodium battery.

Sodium batteries: Zebra

The Zebra (Mes-Dea) battery has high energy density, and provides long range performance, independent of ambient temperature. It is a “hot” battery, which means that the operating temperature is between 260 and 360 degrees. The battery is also made from environmentally friendly materials. This option is perfect for users who have a regular and frequent usage pattern. Active materials in the Zebra battery are sodium and nickel. The hot materials are contained in a vacuum insulated and sealed container. Thus, these batteries operate very efficiently in areas with very hot and very cold climate.

Lithium-based systems: Enerdel

THINK City will also come with a state-of-the-art lithium-based battery option. The lithium battery operate at ambient temperatures. This means that the car does not have to be plugged in when not in use. Think is co-operating with Enerdel.

The Mobility Pack : A monthly fee with ”Batteries Included”

We will own the battery, and take full responsibility for its performance: The customer will only pay a monthly mobility fee which includes a full maintenance service agreement, carbon offset payments and in some countries even all electricity used, and insurance. In other words, customers can drive with the peace of mind that everything is taken care of. We will continue to take responsibility for battery performance throughout the cars life span, (and exchange the battery when necessary). We also provide body panels which are practically indestructible and do not rust, dent or fade over time. This means that the car will remain “young and agile” throughout its lifetime, and the re-sell value of the car will remain very high, as we have experienced with over 1,000 previous models of the THINK City car that still exist on Scandinavian roads.


The THINK City is the world’s first EV to be granted certification with the European CE conformity mark and EU homologation requirements (M1 certificate). Sales of the THINK City have started in selected key EV markets such as Austria, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, with first fleet deliveries due to start before Christmas. The majority of THINK sales in these countries have been made to municipal authorities and utility partners, supported by government incentives.


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