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Green Police State Super Bowl ad by Audi Touts TDI Clean Diesel Technology

Green Police, the much-anticipated Super Bowl ad from Audi, debuted today in advance of its airing during the fourth quarter of the big game on Sunday. See the video add below and let us know what you think about its future view of a green police state.

The Green Police Super Bowl ad provides a lighthearted take on the dizzying array of choices confronting those who want to adopt a green lifestyle and minimize their impact on the environment. The 60-second spot ends with the Green Police confirming that the Audi A3 TDI clean diesel is a green choice. The A3 TDI recently won the 2010 Green Car of the Year award presented by Green Car Journal and provides an EPA-rated 42 mpg on the highway — the highest fuel-economy number of any luxury car sold in the U.S. The clean diesel technology of the A3 TDI also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 30%.

The Green Police spot will air near the game’s final two-minute warning of Super Bowl XLIV. This marks the third consecutive year that Audi has been a presence in the Super Bowl, which is known as much for its competitive advertising environment as for its on-field football heroics.


Fans of the Audi Facebook page at had exclusive access Thursday evening to the Green Police ad in its entirety. The Facebook page also features other bonus material, including a download of the “Green Police” remix that the legendary rock band Cheap Trick did in studio to customize its classic song “Dream Police” for this Audi ad.

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1 comment to Green Police State Super Bowl ad by Audi Touts TDI Clean Diesel Technology

  • Gary Kirkland

    I would really like to see the EPA-OBD II Annual Vehicle Emissions Inspection Law closely examined and changed.As it stands right now, it is entirely possible for any Gasoline powered Vehicle from 1996 to the present to fail it’s Emissions Inspection, for not emitting enough polluting Exhaust Emissions ! All such Vehicles have on board Oxygen [O2] Exhaust Sensors.These O2 Sensors are set up to detect a level of polluting Exhaust Emissions that would indicate that Gasoline is being consumed by an Engine at 14.7 parts of Air to 1 part of Fuel.If there is a low level of Oxygen, and a high level of Pollution, a Vehicle will fail it’s Emissions Inspection as well it should.But Gasoline can be safely vaporized into a mixture that is 100 parts of Air to 1 part of Fuel.With this, even the largest SUV could easily get 50 + MPG and emit a fraction of the Emissions of a conventional 14.7/1 Fuel System, with an increase in Power, and much longer Engine life.I’m not the first to figure this out.Far from it ! For proof, do a search on [the late] Tom Ogle, and Charles Nelson Pogue.Then, go to and scan down the page to just before the update.But even if it is not to be believed that Fuel Vaporization is entirely possible, it’s illegal to even attempt to do so with any Vehicle from 1996 to the present.O2 Sensors are set up to detect that Fuel is being consumed at 14.7/1. A mixture of 100 / 1 will not emit enough Polluting Exhaust Emissions to register on O2 Sensors.When such a Vehicle is connected to an OBD II Emissions Inspection Analyzer, an O2 Sensor Failure Code will be generated, which will result in a failed Emissions Inspection.O2 Sensor Exemptions are permitted for Vehicles that have been legally converted to operate on Natural Gas, Propane, or Hydrogen, and are Registered as such.But not for vaporized Gasoline.Thus, it is entirely possible under this EPA-OBD II Vehicle Emissions Inspection Law for any Gasoline powered Vehicle from 1996 to the present to fail it’s Emissions Test for not emitting enough polluting Exhaust Emissions ! As long as this insane 14.7/1 Law that only benefits Big Oil remains in effect, the only way to make Vehicles more “efficient” will be to make them lighter, and smaller.This has got to change ! I have asked the Question many times ; “Why is it illegal for any Gasoline powered Vehicle from 1996 to the present to emit too little polluting Exhaust Emissions”? So far, not one Big Oil Executive, Politician, or Concerned Environmentalist can, or will answer the Question.Those that have bothered to reply can’t seem to come up with an Answer either.Can you ?

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