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Electric Truck Company Opens Doors in California

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, other state and local leaders, and representatives from Electric Vehicles International (EVI), along with vehicle partners, Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation and CT&T Company Ltd., this week officially opened EVI’s worldwide headquarters and primary US manufacturing facility. EVI will design and assemble zero-emissions, all-electric, medium-duty delivery vehicles and light-duty vehicles, all using EVI electric motors and controllers manufactured in Stockton. California is leading the nation in electric vehicles and green goods movement. EVI moved to California to help serve the state’s effort to eliminate mobile-source toxic diesel particulate pollution and substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

California policies—such as the Governor’s landmark greenhouse gas law (AB 32), the Governor’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard incentive programs, and the sheer number of dirty diesel trucks that need reliable, affordable, zero emission solutions—make California the ideal place for EVI to grow the green economy and create green tech jobs. Governor Schwarzenegger, along with members of his Administration, legislative representatives, other state and local leaders, air transportation and energy experts, fleet operators, and many others participated in today’s Grand Opening and Open House showcasing the new facility at 1627 Army Court in Stockton, California. “In California, we are creating a new economic foundation for the 21st Century built on clean fuel, clean energy and clean cars that is turning us into the green capital of the nation and the world,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “EVI could have relocated anywhere in the world but they chose to come here to California because we have created the right environment for clean-tech and green-tech companies. I look forward to continuing to welcome these kinds of smart, groundbreaking businesses that are not only helping us meet our aggressive environmental goals but are spurring our economy and creating jobs when we need them the most.” Ricky Hanna, CEO of EVI-USA, adds, “California is the perfect location for electric vehicle manufacturing. As the world’s leading location for adopting green technology and promoting sustainable transportation, California is where our customers are and where we need to be. Stockton is centrally-located to serve all our key markets and has exceptional infrastructure and an excellent labor force.”

EVI’s Stockton Facility will help:

• Grow California’s green economy (450 total jobs created by 2010).

• Create important green jobs in Stockton, California (150 direct green jobs created by 2010).

• Eliminate toxic diesel particulate pollution with each new zero-emissions vehicle deployed and remove 100% of the mobile source particulate pollution with each dirty diesel retrofit.

• Substantially reduce CO2 emissions – about 75% less CO2 per mile compared to diesel.

• Decrease the state’s dependence on foreign oil.

Participants in the grand opening had an opportunity to see EVI’s brand new line of zero-emissions vehicles, which the company also unveiled today. Through a partnership with Freightliner and Daimler, EVI has electrified popular medium-duty trucks built on full-sized frames using American industry standard chassis and cabs. These high-torque, powerful, zero-emissions vehicles will be competitively priced to sustainably serve a large segment of public and private delivery fleets in California and beyond. EVI’s new Medium-Duty Truck, the MD EVI, is the world’s most versatile and flexible commercial electric vehicle. In addition, EVI has formed a strategic alliance with Freightliner to build a fully electric Walk-In Van, the WI EVI. Advantages to EVI’s commercial vehicles include:

• The battery and electric motors are customized and scaled to fit needs and costs. EVI offers vehicles tailored to meet specific requirements with travel range up to 115 miles per charge and speeds up to 60 miles per hour.

• EVI’s proven approach to tailor fit specific applications offers zero-emissions vehicles that are cost-competitive.

• Examples of ideal applications include frequently-used, return-to-origin delivery trucks, school buses, port equipment, and many others.

• The fuel savings, maintenance cost savings, and air quality incentives will allow large-scale deployment throughout California and beyond.

Today EVI also announced an agreement for assembly and sales of CT&T electric vehicles. CT&T vehicles that will be assembled by EVI include e Zone City EV, which is the only vehicle in its class to pass international front (FMVSS 208 OP Standard) and side (Euro Side NCAP) impact crash tests. This zero emission two-seater allows a range of up to 80 miles between charges and can be recharged using a standard 110 V outlet. The e Zone City EV is a cost-effective, zero emission vehicle that is perfect for security and police patrols, parking enforcement, commuting, light deliveries, and advertising, as well as golf and recreation.

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