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If we Build it They will Come. Nashville Tn Builds EV Charging Stations

img_aboutusNASHVILLE, Tenn. August 13, 2009 – Coulomb Technologies, the leader in charging station infrastructure, today announced that the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County is the first municipality in the State of Tennessee to install and deploy ChargePoint™ Networked Charging Stations for plug-in electric vehicles. The charging stations are now installed in downtown Nashville in the new 700 space parking garage located on the Fulton Campus. The charging stations, available for employee and fleet use have been installed to reduce greenhouse emissions and to raise awareness of readiness for electric vehicles.

Coulomb distributor Green Power Technology, www.GPTechnology.com the exclusive distributor in the northeast U.S. for the ChargePoint Network charging stations, provided sales and support for this installation.

“Networked charging stations for plug-in vehicles in Nashville brings music to our ears,” said Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies. “Nashville is laying the groundwork for the future of clean and alternative energy in Tennessee. These charging stations not only create awareness for electric vehicles and their necessary infrastructure, but will give employees of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County a new destination choice for charging their vehicle.”

“These charging stations support Mayor Dean’s vision to make Nashville the greenest and most livable city in the Southeast. Our hope is that businesses across Nashville and Davidson County will see what we’re doing and implement similar practices.” said Nancy Whittemore, Director of General Services.

Coulomb Technologies charging stations are used in municipalities, utilities, green office buildings and parking garages and to allow consumers to charge their electric vehicles wherever they live, work and shop. Consumers subscribe to the ChargePoint(sm) Network and receive a ChargePoint Smart Card that allows them to charge their car at any charging station worldwide, now including Nashville. The ChargePoint Network enabled charging stations provide:

•Notification by SMS Text or email when charging is complete

•The ability for drivers to find unoccupied charging stations via web-enabled cell phones

•Authenticated access to eliminate energy theft

•Authorized energizing for safety

•Remote monitoring and diagnostics for superior quality of service

•Smart Grid integration for utility load management with future V2G capabilities

To locate available charging stations, visit www.mychargepoint.net and click “Find Stations”.

About Coulomb Technologies, Inc.

Coulomb Technologies headquartered in Campbell, Calif., offers a family of products and services that provide a plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure, which includes ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations ranging in capability from 120V 16A to 240V 80A AC charging to future 120kW DC charging. Coulomb applies networking technology to the challenge of charging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in order to fuel the electric transportation industry. Coulomb’s ChargePoint Network

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