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Electric Race Car Does 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds, Top Speed of 160 mph

6a00d83451eb1c69e20120a4c98887970b-500wiThe GreenGT is based on a carbon fiber chassis.
Developed and built in Switzerland, it is the first step toward tomorrows electric racecars, be it for sprint or endurance races.

It demonstrates today that EV racecars can compete at the highest level of todays thermical competition cars.

Green GT

Green GT

Here are the specifications for the vehicle:

  • Chassis: carbon fiber composite, FIA 2008 homologated
  • Bodywork: glassfiber composite
  • Suspension: double wishbones with 4.42 coilovers
  • Brakes: BREMBO aluminium calipers and vented steel rotors
  • Wheels: OZ magnesium wheels and slick tires
  • Drivetrain: two synchronous water cooled electric motors of 100 kW each with DC/AC converters, coupled to GreenGT’s own transmission, allowing regenarative braking
  • Electronics: Electric Racing Power Control derived from GP2
  • Auxillary power: FLEXCELL solar panels on bodywork replace alternator
  • Main power: two LECLANCHE Litium-Ion battery pacs for a total of 100 Mega Joules. These batteries can be recharged by solar power in the two weeks between races.
  • Performance: 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds. Vmax above 160 mph
  • Torque at the wheels: over 2000 Nm
  • Dry weight: 880 kg

Below is a video of this impressive piece of electric technology.

GreenGT now focuses on three product strategies:

1. Continue development of the GreenGT in order to bring it to a Le Mans compatible level using quick battery changes

2. Downscale the concept to offer a turnkey electric drive train at a competitve price for a monotype racing class

3. Develop and build the GreenGT Twenty-4 supercar, based on the current innovative and exclusive GreenGT technology

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