Toxco Inc

Toxco Inc. has begun alkaline battery recycling at the company’s Trail, B.C., facility. The recycling process was developed using well established technology to reintroduce the recycled materials into the manufacture of downstream metals.

Eighty percent of all batteries manufactured are alkaline batteries, with annual production of over 10 billion cells worldwide. Most of those cells are disposed of in landfills, representing hundreds of millions of pounds of solid waste.

“The implementation of this technology is extremely important to the environment, and is consistent with Toxco’s long-term strategy of complete battery management,” said Steve Kinsbursky, president of Toxco Waste Management.

“Recovery of useable materials from alkaline batteries is the way of the future. Our next step is to educate companies and consumers about the environmental value associated with alkaline battery recycling,” he said.

Toxco is in the forefront of battery technology with its recent acquisition of Moltech Corporation’s patented cadmium recovery facility and equipment for recycling nickel cadmium batteries in Gainesville, Florida.

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