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After the successful BB1 presentation at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Peugeot takes its new urban mobility project to meet Parisians and its fans.

4ad7353204e76 A film is being shot in BB1’s natural environment: the city. In the heart of St-Honoré market, whose glass and steel passage echoes the contemporary design of the concept.

 100% electric, capable of carrying four people while being just 2.5 metres long, BB1 leaves nobody indifferent, arousing excitement and enthusiasm, as shown by the reactions of passers-by on film and their recorded comments, soon available on www.bb1-peugeot.com.

After meeting the Parisians for two days, BB1 went back up the Champs-Elysées to Peugeot head office, before leaving for Berlin where it will be on display at the end of October.

This operation confirms the public’s interest in BB1, whose Facebook pages recorded 15,000 hits worldwide in only three days during its official presentation. Its fans were also issued exclusive invitations to the shoot so they could discover the real BB1.

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