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Newly Designed Electric Motor for EV's Offers Higher Torque & Power Density

Remy International, Inc. today announced its first “off-the-shelf” electric motor for hybrid and hybrid electric vehicles. This innovative new product, called the HVH250, is based on Remy’s patented High Voltage Hairpin technology which offers the highest power density and torque density available on the market today. The product is the first in a series of new “off-the-shelf” products planned by Remy for the automotive, truck, bus, and heavy equipment markets.

The motor has a matched inverter/control system, and Remy has motor production capacity of over 100,000 units/year already in place at multiple sites in North America and Europe. The product line expansion is being funded in part by the recent U.S. Department of Energy grants aimed at accelerating the manufacturing and deployment of next generation electric vehicle technologies. Some of these grant funds will also be available to support customer application costs for hybrid motor/generator integration.

Remy is offering a standard product in order to reduce customer development costs (tooling and non-recurring engineering) as well as the production costs associated with low volume, custom designs. This new approach to product design will also improve speed to market and reduce cost barriers for customers in the emerging hybrid and electric vehicle marketplace.

Remy CEO John Weber said, “The premium cost associated with hybrid vehicles is a major factor affecting hybrid adoption in the U.S. The highly engineered components have been produced in low volumes, resulting in a higher per unit cost. Remy’s standardized motor platform will allow our customers to use our superior technology and high volume manufacturing capabilities in their vehicles.” Weber feels that there is a call for standardization and a supply chain to support mass production and Remy, North America’s largest manufacturer of electric motors, is well positioned to answer this need.

The HVH250 is an advanced electric motor/generator for hybrid and electric vehicles based on Remy’s patented High Voltage Hairpin technology (HVH) that provides dramatically improved motor performance and cooling effectiveness. The world-class torque and power density allows for increased range in all-electric drive mode and the potential for a smaller internal combustion engine. The HVH thermal performance enables system and vehicle builders to save on secondary cooling loops without sacrificing performance.

In addition to creating improved efficiency and more power, the HVH250 delivers this performance while running cooler than traditional technology, giving integrators the best combination of vehicle durability, efficiency and performance.

The HVH motor platform not only exceeds current Department of Energy (DOE) targets for electric motor power density, the Remy platform already exceeds published 2020 DOE targets for power density by 200%.

With the largest hybrid motor production and testing facility in North America, Remy stands poised to provide the market with scalable solutions that are available quickly and at lower costs to help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and spur the adoption of hybrid motor technology for transportation.

For more details about the HVH250 Series electric motors visit the Remy website at:

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