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Volvo Cars and Vattenfall form the V² Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Partnership

vovlo isnigWe have access to an extremely extensive bank of expertise. I feel that the name of the company, V², symbolises the strength of our cooperation. V stands for both Vattenfall and Volvo. Working together, one plus one is not two; rather, we will considerably multiply the scope for creating a truly successful plug-in hybrid car for our customers,” explains Anders Björnberg (pictured above).

V² Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Partnership will have six board members, three from each parent company. Board Chairman is Vattenfall’s Göran Lundgren. Instead of employing its own staff, the company will purchase development capacity from outside, mainly from Volvo and Vattenfall.

Charged at home

The new plug-in hybrid will be recharged primarily at home, overnight. The car will be able to be recharged from virtually any wall socket.

Three V70 demonstrator cars are being tested in 2009. The aim of these tests is to gather information about driving patterns, requirements and wishes concerning recharging possibilities.

The company’s sights are set on making the new plug-in hybrid one of the safest cars in the world.

“Right now we are focusing firmly on the car’s safety. Both battery packaging and on-board safety systems in the battery pack are under close examination. We will not compromise in any way as regards safety,” says Anders Björnberg

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