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New Report Recommends Illinois Ethanol Producers Utilize Biomass CHP

CB060077LAKEWOOD, Colo. – BBI International has recently announced the release of the first in a series of technical reports addressing the impact upon statewide renewable portfolio standards (RPS) of installing biomass fired combined heat and power facilities (CHP) at the state’s ethanol facilities. The first installment in this new series of reports will concentrate on Illinois, which currently produces 976 MGY of ethanol, with an additional 188 MGY of capacity under construction and 78 MGY of capacity currently idled.

Jeff Coombe, BBI Manager of Technical Studies said,

Combined Heat and Power facilities fired by biomass represent a real opportunity for ethanol producers to control energy costs, contribute to their state’s renewable portfolio standards, and reduce the carbon score of their facilities.

BBI International’s report analyzes the biomass required to fuel a CHP facility, the incremental energy required to size and handle the biomass, and average capital costs. The report also models the economic impact of a number of variables on the financial viability of deploying a CHP facility including the prices of natural gas, electricity, and biomass.

BBI International’s report is available for purchase at

About BBI International:

With offices in the United States, Canada and Australia, BBI International is a preeminent bioenergy industry service provider. BBI has positioned itself as a global expert in biomass utilization for the production of chemicals, power, fuel, feed and fiber. The company’s consultants work with customers from concept to construction to develop successful renewable energy projects worldwide. BBI’s Media & Events group has unparalleled conference facilitation experience and is a world leader in biofuels industry publishing. BBI International uses its experience to prepare accurate, unbiased, and up-to-date technical reports for our clients and has prepared over 250 technical studies since 1995. More information about the company is available at:

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