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Korean EV Company to Manufacture EV’s in the US by 2014





CT&T Company, Ltd., a Korean developer amd manufacturer of Electric Vehicle (EV) technology, announced plans today for e-Zone and c-Zone electric vehicle production in the United States. The new facility is projected to employ 2,600 people  including production workers and managers, over the next five years.

The company will produce and market City Drive Electrical Vehicles (EVs), Mid-speed Electric Vehicles, High-speed Electric Vehicles, Utility Electric Vehicles, as well as batteries in the Lead Acid, Advanced Lead Acid, Lithium Polymer and categories for domestic and export markets

CT&T United, the U.S. subsidiary of CT&T Korea, Ltd. is making a significant investment to maintain its global position in the  consumer electric vehiclemarket. Their plans include; establishing its North American headquarters, a research and development center and several manufacturing facilities to produce and market an entire product line of EVs and batteries. The company is considering potential U.S. sites in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama and California.

CT&T President and CEOYoung Gi Lee said,

While we are reviewing a number of locations for our operations, we are committed to having a major presence in the Southeastern and West Coast regions.We are accelerating our plans to become a major investor in zero emissions vehicle technologies in the U.S.CT&T has become a category leader because of our advanced technology, plus we offer a solution to the primary barrier to consumer adoption of electric vehicles by offering EVs at affordable prices.

We have an aggressive market development plan, and our innovative Regional Assembly and Sales (RAS) system will enable us to reach our employment predictions of more than 10,000 people in the U.S. by 2014. The RAS system is characterized by a network of regional joint ventures that will facilitate manufacturing, assembly and sales activities in specific geographic market areas throughout the U.S.

1_1_22The company expects to begin selling c-Zone utility EVs for commercial and government applications by the fourth quarter of 2009. Pricing for the electric vehicles is to be in the range of $8,000  to $16,000 ($US) .

CT&T United recently submitted proposals to work with the Department of Energy to accelerate the implementation of battery, electric motor drive and electric vehicle technologies. DOE is expected to announce their plans regarding these proposals later this summer.

The company has also announced a joint venture with PUES Corporation of Tokyo Japan for the development and production of inverters and new technology In-Wheel Motors.

In addition to its manufacturing and distribution initiatives, CT&T United will partner with Research and Development teams in the U.S. to supplement and expand upon the company’s activities in Korea.

Currently, CT&T Korea, Ltd. works closely with Korea’s leading technology research universities – Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea Polytechnic University, Ajou Motor College, and Soongsil to develop new cost and energy efficient Battery Platform, Drivetrain System, and Electric Vehicle technologies.

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