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RiverSimple Hydrogen Fuelcell Vehicle. Never pay for Fuel



An enterprising young British green car company has spent the last 3 years designing what it calls a zero emission personal transport. The vehicle named the “RiverSimple” is a 2 seater vehicle powered by a 6 kwatt hydrogen fuel cell.

The car which is only seen in the black ( wasn’t this Henry Ford’s original strategy until hiscompetition thought of colors?) is designed to achieve 50 mph and a range of 240 miles.  Almost as forward thinking as this new vehicle is the companies decision to pay for fuel for the 3 year duration of the lease.



For 200 hundred pounds a month you can drive the RiverSimple for 3 years without ever paying for a hydrogen fillup. I am not sure where the hydrogen will be available but hopefully they have this detail worked out by 2012 when the company plans to test 50 of it’s vehicles in a real world setting in a UK city yet to be named.

The company is planning to make the design of the RiverSimple available to the general public via the Internet so that anyone who is so inclined can make one in their garage or backyard. Off course you will need to get your completed green hydrogen fuelcell vehicle certified to drive on public roads of the country you reside.

There is no shortage of interesting ideas with this annou_ADW0106ncement.

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